Book an appointment online

Enrolled patients can book their appointments online with our online booking system. We need your email address on your records for you to be able to do this so please check with reception we have this correctly recorded.  If you need a same day appointment and the doctor has no availability online, please phone the practice as we do have a small number of acute appointments available each day.  You may not be able to see your regular doctor, but we will endeavour to have you seen.

Only standard 15-minute doctor’s appointment can be booked online.  If you need a double appointment for any reason, please phone reception.

If your appointment is in relation to mental health concerns, please phone reception for an appointment.

Extended appointments or procedures such as minor surgery, skin checks, recruit medicals need to be booked via the phone or in person.

Nurse appointments such as immunisations, smears, dressings etc. need to be booked via phone or in person.

You can also order your prescriptions and view your lab results through our patient portal.

Appointments are in high demand, to ensure the appointments are utilised to the maximum, please contact reception to cancel as early as possible if you cannot attend.

Please note: We will charge a full consultation fee for any missed appointment.  Please cancel your appointment, ideally with a minimum of one hours’ notice.


Click ‘Make an appointment‘ button below to view the new Mange My Health booking system.





Manage My Health is our new patient portal, activated on 5/12/22. You can book appointments, request prescriptions, view lab results and recalls.

Please follow the online instructions to complete your registration.


Unfortunately, we have had several issues during the transition to Manage My Health and staff are working their way through them.  If you have problems please contact reception and we can forward you issue onto the help desk if we can not fix it ourselves.